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The Purefect Pet Fountain - 3 Liters
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Item Features

  •  SIZE:22.1 x 19 x 17.4 cm 8.69 x 7.5 x 6.85 Inch
  • Design:Lifestyle 4 Pet-The Purefect Pet Fountain - 3 Liters


  • ABS,TPR,Cooper,Metal, PS

Item Description

  • Multifonctionnal water filter: removes impurities, inhibits bacteria, chlorine, and heavy metals, gives your pet the best water to drink.
  • Large particles filter
  • The water fountain has two working modes:
  • 1.Daytime mode, where the fountain filters the water constantly to guarantee the most fresh water for your pet during the day.
  • 2.Night mode, where the filter only activates from time to time, keeping the energy consumption low and the sound level at an almost inaudible level. The shifting between day and night mode is automatic, but can also be done manually.
  • UV lamp to remove all bacteria from the water and keep it pure and fresh for your pet to drink. The UV lamp turns on automatically every 8 hours for 2 min. It can also be turned on manually. The large particle filter avoids hairs to go in the pump and keeps it working flawlessly. The pump is quiet and low energy consumption using less than 2 watts.
  • The flower sprinkler and the wave drinking cover gives your pet the choice when it comes to her/his way of drinking.